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Imma take you down to K-town

Spending close to 2 hours watching the series, today I learned that a majority of the chefs featured on Vice Mag’s Munchies love love love korean barbecue. I can’t say I blame them - there’s something magical about the sizzle & smell of meat frying on a grill, that burst of flavor from a mouth-blisteringly hot, roasted piece of pork rind that’s been dunked in a spicy garlicky sesame oil based soy sauce. And of course the extensive korean side-dishes banchan available.

So after purchasing a slab of belly (my favorite part of the pig), I decided to re-create the experience at home.

Banchan: Soy hard-boiled eggs, white clams stirfried in a spicy shrimp paste and scallion pancakes. 

Vegetables: Enoki & cremini mushrooms, snow peas, egg tofu, red bell peppers and onions

Meat: Just the pork belly - marinated with quick salt rubbing. I had an extremely difficult time cutting the meat into thinner slices (think, close to tears whilst muttering “Oh my god, I’ve ruined the meal I’m so sorry. My life sucks” to my dining companion) It was like a porcine massacre on my chopping board. I suspect it was a combination of my terrible knife work and the fact that I only have blunt, serrated blades at home…we’ll have to do something about both soon. 

Dipping sauce: Chopped raw garlic and scallions, sesame oil, bird’s eye chili, soy sauce (I’d recommend splurging on a high grade gourmet bottle - you can really taste the difference)

April 18th
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